An operational leader and project manager with over 15 years experience drawn from a background in the UK emergency services, I can provide you with additional capacity by managing, supporting or advising on
projects, investigations, change and operations.

I achieve results by thinking strategically and delivering operationally and by improving resilience, delivering technical solutions and creating efficient and engaged teams in business critical environments. 

My Services

Operational Leadership & Communications


Assessment, Quality Assurance & Compliance

Business Continuity & Support

Risk, Incident & Investigations Management

Working with you to deliver operational effectiveness


"Andy is a highly intelligent, capable and personable individual with a wealth of managerial, leadership and scholarly experience. Clever, strategic and practical, he is not only well organised and well-meaning but he combines an effortless charm with a tenacious and engaging ability to always deliver".

Tim Evans
Professor of Business and Political Economy
Corporate and Public Affairs Consultant


"Andy's highly collaborative approach to operational project management proved to be the required essential link between the organisations operational and technical teams. Andy showed his ability to quickly gain a deep understanding of opportunities and risks when deploying and upgrading technical solutions. Through his highly supportive style, Andy negotiated and removed blockages to help develop and translate new strategy into meaningful, focused actions for his operational team".

Adrian Cory
Head of IT Services, South West Ambulance Service


I have over 15 years' experience in managing people and delivering outcomes across large dispersed and multi-disciplinary teams.  I have the practical skills to think strategically and deliver operationally from my experience spanning emergency services, NHS, local authority, environmental regulation and private consultancy sectors.

I create order, clarity, provide leadership and encourage people to thrive in complex and pressurised environments to deliver business critical services as demonstrated from my experience in managing emergency incidents. I take a holistic approach and as a communications champion always seeks to develop people and improve resilience though the building of effective partnerships.

I have coordinated a variety of technical and complex projects, including improving operational use of TETRA and mobile communications, updating business continuity arrangements, creating and delivering professional development programmes for members of international governments and designing and monitoring of regulation/compliance process management systems. 

I am a Member of the Institute of Management and Leadership (ILM), Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Commence (FRSA).  I hold Executive Directorships with Accredited Training International and Professional Awards Ltd.

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